Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Go Go Gadget Knitting Blog!

So, I am really and truly going to start posting things on this blog! With this blog just starting out, it's probably going to be more of a diary for a while (with only me, myself, and I reading) it, but I can hope that someday others will come here as well! I've debated about letting my family and friends (non of whom knit) know about this blog, but decided against it. Partly because they probably wouldn't enjoy all the knitting talk, but also because I want to be able to discuss and put up pictures of gifts I knit for others without ruining any surprises. So I'll just have to attract an all knitter audience!

Since this is the first real post, I have a decent amount of stuff to talk about! Currently, I don't have too many big plans for stuff to make for myself. I finished three tops in a row since January (hoodie, sleevelss shell, bolero jacket) so I'm a little burned out on that type of project. I have started the "Print O' The Wave Stole" designed by Eunny Jang from See Eunny Knit!
This seems to be a very popular pattern right now - I noticed a lot of people are doing it for the Amazing Lace knitalong (which I did not sign up for - TOO MUCH PRESSUUUURE!). I can see why - I'm finding it so far to be challenging enough to be interesting, but no the type of lace pattern that makes you feel like the veins in your head are throbbing so hard that a stroke is imminent. However, my progress so far is rather slow.

I have five repeats done so far of the main pattern...out of 34. And of course after that there is a border an an edging. And let us not forget the grafting! (shudder) Anyway, it's not so much that I am a horribly slow knitter or that it is especially difficult, just that I have only been picking it up to work on every few days. If I worked on it an hour each day, I could probably have it done in under 2 months easily. As it is, it will most likely not be done until late fall. Oh well, I live in Texas anyway, so I won't need it until then!

For my amusement, I have also been working on a knit pig from World of Knitted Toys.

The toys in this book are very cute, but I am especially fond of the pigs and the duck-billed platypus. Did you know that male platypus as poisonous spurs on its rear feet? So if you ever happen to spy a platypus, resist the urge to pick up that cute little bugger and cuddle it! BEWARE THE PLATYPUS!!!

Anyway, I finished all the actual knitting of the parts - so now it is time for the very boring and not fun process of sewing everything together. Disaster has already struck - I sewed the snout on crooked. And weaved the tail in (I was in denial). Behold:

Just behind the nose , you can see the decreases that mark the center of the head - that gives you a good idea of how crooked it is. I have realized that there is no way I can leave it like this - it will drive me crazy. But the thought of picking out the tail and prying the thing loose has left me paralyed - it's black yarn! And Lion Brand microfiber which is crazy splitty! Ugh. I'll do it sooner or later - probably later.

I have some other stuff on the back burner right now as well. Near the beginning of the year I finished a Backyard Leaves scarf that came out quite nicely:

But I have never blocked it. I meant too! But I lived in an apartment. And I not prone to neatness. Long story short, there is no space anywhere to lay out a 7-foot scarf to block (it came out kind of long, oopsy). By the way, for anyone actually reading this, the picture also came out a little strange - it makes the scarf look rather "bright" green, when in fact, it is a very dark forest green.

Finally - a blast from my past. This is one of my earliest projects:

It is based on the pattern Zeeby's bag (I think?) from Stitch 'n Bitch, although I made it without the pocket. There is no good way to say this so I'll be blunt - it sucks. Not necessarily the pattern, although looking back, I'm rather disenchanted with it. But it is mainly me. My tension is uneven and the seams are a terrible mess. Plus as a practical matter, the straps and the bag itself stretch ridicuously out of shape if you put ANYTHING in it at all. So, for 2 years it is been either hanging on a doorknob and functionion as "decor" or been stuffed away in a closet. As I went through all my knitted stuff recently and found this though, it hit me: why not felt it? It is knit out of cascade 220, so it would felt easily. The wonky tension and half-assed seams would be solved. And it could carry stuff without stretching or need of a lining. So I plan on trying to felt this in the near future. Frankly, I having nothing to lose at this point - and may end with a pretty cool end result. Stay tuned for more!

Now onto gift knit posting! I have decided to make a sincere effort towards being prepared the holidays this year, and have begun knitting x-mas gifts. In all honesty, this has less to do with any virtue on my part, and more with the desire to buy a bunch yarn and start a whole bunch of new projects. But I digress! I went to my LYS (Bluebonnet Yarn Shoppe, yay!), bought some yarn, and have cast on for the first gift. Right now I am working on a booga bag for my brother's girlfriend, in Noro Kureyon of course. I love the green in the colorway I chose. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture yet, but will put one up soon. I started this project in particular because I needed something mindless I could work on while watching subtitled anime. I'm realizing now that at some point I will definately want one for myself too.

I also bought this yarn for another gift:

Mmmm, Debbie Bliss Cathay. This will be my first time to work with this yarn, and I'm looking forward to it. It will be used for the Midwest Moonlight scarf from Scarf Style, as a gift for my fiance's sister (my future sister-in-law, HOLY SHMOLY!). I picked this because frankly, a wool scarf, while wonderful, is a little unnecessary in Texas. The cotton/silk blend should be comfy to wear, and it has a beautiful shine too it that I think will compliment the pattern.

Finally, I bought this yarn months ago, but am considering using it for a gift:

Brown Sheep Wildfoote Sock Yarn. I want to make my mom some socks for Christmas and am strongly considering the New England socks form Knitting on the Road. Obviously, I want a solid yarn to show off the beautiful lace pattern of the socks, and this yarn seems like it would be good for that. On the other hand, I am tempted to peruse the yarn shop some more to see if I could find something else. If there are any readers, opinions are welcome! There is another blogger who has knit these socks in this yarn and color, as a matter of fact. They look pretty good, but part of me also thinks a darker solid would look quite nice as well.

Well, I think I have rambled quite enough now. Thank you to anyone who reads this, hope you enjoyed it!


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