Thursday, August 10, 2006

The pitter patter of little balls of yarn falling on the carpet.

I must confess that I have gotten very little done in the way of knitting recently. Most of my time has been spent on reading or playing Shadow Hearts Covenant. But! I recently added some new acquisitions to my stash and knitting library, so hopefully that will jumpstart things. My brother got me an gift certificate for my birthday which I used to get Barbara Walker's first "Treasury of Knitting Patterns."

I love it! It's a beautiful book. I've heard some complaints about the old black and white photos, but I found most of the photos to be very clear - it is not difficult at all to make out the patterns. Walker's books are so inspiring, and I hope to have them all eventually - but at $30 a pop it may take me a little while!

Part of an order I made to Knitpicks came as well. I had ordered some blocking wires/pins, plus some color cards, but the wires are still on their way.

It may be hard to tell from the photo, but there are seven color cards. Some of the yarns have fewer colors and only take up one "page", while others take up two (they all cost the same amount). The samples are from left to right: (top row) merino style, (middle row) gloss, main line, shine worsted, elegance, (bottom) wool of the andes, and andean silk. I have knit with two of these yarns before actually (shine - although in sport weight, and andean silk). I've been wanted color cards for a while since it can be very hard to really get an accurate idea of the colors just by looking online - these yarns were the ones I thought I would be most likely to buy in the future.

I went to Bluebonnet Yarn Shop recently as well, and here are my spoils.

One ball of Cascade 220 Superwash and 6 balls of Karabella Aurora 8 (3 blue, 3 cream). The Cascade is to make gloves for my dad for x-mas (One Skein - unisex gloves). The Karabella is to make two pairs of cabled footies for my grandmothers (One Skein again). I made my dad a brown scarf last year, so the gloves will "match". Man, do I love going to the yarn shop. But it is almost like a form of exquisite torture since I can never afford to buy everything I want to.

Finally, some progress on the Midwest Moonlight Scarf.

It's coming along. It's very easy - I memorized the pattern after one repeat, and can do it even when watching t.v. I am already a bit bored with it to be honest. Close to 2/5 of the way done. I have to say, I am not yet satisfied with any of the pictures I've taken of it - none of them do it justice. I will be a beautiful garment when it is done. Progress will likely just get slower though, as I will not be able to resist starting another gift soon. Mmm, cabled footies...


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