Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Land of No Progress.

So the name of this post is not completely true - I have made some progress, but overally, not much as occurred with my knitting the last week. I think I've just hit a bit of a lazy patch. I am almost finished with the gloves those, and a picture will be up soon.

I've been reevaluating my X-mas gift plan - I've realized that I may have gotten a wee bit too optimistic. I've revised things a bit and feel much better now about my chances of finishing everything on time without going crazy. The gift-o-meter on the side bar now has a gift total goal of 16 instead of 18. I am no longer planning on making doggie sweaters for my future sis/bro-inlaw's dogs. It just ain't gonna happen. I've also scrapped several of the gift ideas I had for several people and changed them to things which will be both easier for me, and also more likely to please the recipient. The main changes:
Mom - Instead of Jaywalkers, I'm going to make plain socks with no ankles (anklet socks). I recently discovered my mom hates ankles on socks, especially huggy ones. By the way, here is the yarn that I'm going to use - it is Socks that Rock, the color is County Clare.

Mmmmm, socks yarn.

Other changes:
Fiance's dad: was originally going to make the Here and There Cables scarf from Scarf Style's 800 yards of knitting, dudes. So I'm going with a cabled scarf from One Skein instead (can you tell I love that book?).
Brother: I was planning on the Broadstreet Mittens from knitty, but realized that those are a decent amount of knitting and frankly, I'm not sure my brother would even like them much. So instead, I'm going with some basic ribbed armwarmers - probably like the ones I made for my fiance last year. He went totally insane for them - I think they will be more appreciated as a gift for my bro as well, and less insanity for me.

I'm feeling fairly invigorated by the new plan, so hopefully the knitting will get back on track. Pictures of the gloves soon!


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